Biology A LEVEL Course

Biology A LEVEL Course. Duration: 2 Years

Course Content

This course is designed to encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for biology, including practical skills, an understanding of concepts and principles, and the knowledge and skills for the study of biology in Higher Education. At AS level students study these topics: basic cell structure, biological molecules and cell division, diversity and organisation, how organisms exchange substances with their environments, biodiversity and variation and the relationships between organisms.
To gain the full A-Level course students continue into a second year and cover: how organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments, the control of gene expression, patterns of inheritance and how the genome can be manipulated, genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems.
At the end of the course students will sit three written examinations covering topics from both years of the course. Students will also have a practical endorsement which will be reported separately.

Further Opportunities

You could take this course with other complimentary courses, such as Chemistry or more general subjects, to prepare for Higher Education. With further training, you could become a Doctor, Nurse, Science Technician or Marine Biologist.


Mrs M Conlin / Mr D Shepherd

Entry Requirements
5-5 in Science or a 5 in Biology plus 4 Maths and 5 English.
Duration: 2 Years
A Level Pass Rate In 2017 Homewood Sixth students achieved 100% pass rate in over 34 A Level subjects.
University Success In 2017 96% of Homewood Sixth students were accepted by their first or second choice University.