Chemistry A LEVEL Course

Chemistry A LEVEL Course. Duration: 2 Years

Course Content

This course is designed to encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for chemistry, including practical skills, an understanding of concepts and principles, and the knowledge and skills for study at Higher Education.
In the first year students cover five storylines: Elements of Life, Developing Fuels, Elements from the Sea, The Ozone Story and What's in a Medicine. At the end of the first year there are two written papers on these topics, which make up the AS assessment. At this point it is possible to leave the course with an AS in Chemistry.
Students continue into a second year and cover storylines which include: The Chemical Industry, Polymers and Life, Oceans, Developing Metals and Colour by Design. At the end of the course students sit 3 written examinations, covering topics from both years. Students also receive a separately reported practical endorsement.

Further Opportunities

You could take this course to prepare for Higher Education. With further training, you could go into a science related profession such as Doctor, Nurse, Material Scientist or Pharmacist.
You could also go straight into a workplace with a recognised qualification that has helped you to develop the basic skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers and industries are looking for.


Mrs M Conlin / Mr D Shepherd

Entry Requirements
5-5 in Science or a 5 in Chemistry plus 4 English and 5 Maths.
Duration: 2 Years
A Level Pass Rate In 2017 Homewood Sixth students achieved 100% pass rate in over 34 A Level subjects.
University Success In 2017 96% of Homewood Sixth students were accepted by their first or second choice University.