How To Apply

The Application Process

Collect information from departments at our Sixth Form Choices evening, browse our prospectus, or view all course details online. You need to check the entry requirements for each of the courses. References will be required for all students who apply but are not currently at Homewood School. Full details of all the courses we are offering will be available on the Kent Choices website where you will be able to make your application. Students will be issued usernames and passwords.

Closing date for all applications is Friday 22nd January

All students applying from Homewood and other Kent schools

Offers will be made via the Kent Choices website. Applications will be processed and interviews will be arranged for external students in March or April. All offers will be made via the website and you will be sent the joining information once you have accepted your offer online.

External students applying from East Sussex

Please pick up our application pack from our Open Events or by contacting the school. Please return it to the Sixth Form team at Homewood. Applicants will be sent an interview appointment in the post and will subsequently receive any offer in writing.

Please be aware of the following when making an application

The school reserves the right to withdraw any of the courses on offer should there be insufficient students requesting that course OR if the school feels that it is unable to fund or staff that course.

Please remember that once you have received an offer from Homewood, you are guaranteed a place in Sixth Form as long as you succesfully complete all your current courses and attend all your exams. In the event that you do not meet the entry requirements for a course or courses, we will contact you as quickly as possible to make any necessary alterations to your programme in Year 12.

We operate a Dress Code and Code of Conduct that we expect all our students to adhere to – please visit our website and read this carefully before applying.