A Level

Duration: 2 Years

Contact: Miss C Wood

Entry Requirements

Course Content

Ceramics offers an excellent opportunity for the expression of creative ideas and the development of skills and techniques required for their realisation. It allows for personal expression, teaches self-discipline and provides an opportunity for a healthy alignment between intellectual and feeling processes, encouraging the development of confidence and self-esteem.
AS: You will explore art techniques using a range of materials and developing three-dimensional work. Keeping a sketchbook and developing the ability to annotate the progressive stages of work will be essential. Through the investigation of and extensive research into artists, you will develop an individual approach and style to art. You will create one coursework project and a practical exam project project. The final exam consists of preparation work and a final piece created in 10 hours under exam conditions.

A2: The second year of the course requires a detailed body of coursework that continues to link to art in context, exploration of materials and techniques, and development of personal creative ideas.
A personal investigation (1000 to 3000 words) provides detailed study into the contextualisation of your project. The final exam consists of preparation work and a final piece created in 15 hours under exam conditions.

This course would also work well being studied alongside Graphics, Photography, Textiles or Fine Art.

University Success

In 2018, 93% of students went to their first or second choice university.

A Level Pass Rate

In 2018, Homewood's Year 13 students achieved 100% pass rate in over 42 A-level and Level 3 courses.