English Language GCSE

Level 2

Duration: 1 Year

Contact: Mrs S Watson

Entry Requirements

No formal entry qualifications are required for Level 2 courses. This course is compulsory for all students who have not achieved a Grade C or equivalent in English GCSE.

Course Content

This course provides students with another opportunity to secure a grade 5 in GCSE English Language. All students on the course will study the specification introduced for first examination in 2016, regardless of any previous attempts.

The course is organised into two parts: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing and Writer’s Viewpoints and Perspectives. During the course students will read and be assessed on high-quality, challenging texts form the 19th, 20th and 21st century.

Throughout, students will be supported in developing their writing including demonstrating a confident control of Standard English, writing grammatically correct sentences and deploying figurative language.
Alongside these units, students will complete a non-examination assessment to demonstrate their spoken language skills.

The course offers a skills based approach and is assessed in two written examinations that take place at the end.

University Success

In 2018, 93% of students went to their first or second choice university.

A Level Pass Rate

In 2018, Homewood's Year 13 students achieved 100% pass rate in over 42 A-level and Level 3 courses.