Literature & Performance


Duration: 2 Years

Contact: Mrs S Watson

Entry Requirements

4 x GCSE grades at 4 including English

Course Content

The IB Standard Level literature and performance course aims to explore the relation between literature and theatre. The main focus of the course is the interaction between the literary skills of close reading, critical writing and discussion and the practical, aesthetic and symbolic elements of performance.

The course is organised into three parts, each focussed on a different aspect of literature and performance. Together the three parts of the course cover the critical study of literary texts, the exploration of chosen approaches to a text, and the realisation of texts in performance. Students engage with a wide variety of textual genres to explore the concept of transformation, examining the ways in which the contexts or production and reception shape meaning.

This course is taken as part of the IBCP or as a stand-alone subject.
This course can only be taken at the Standard Level (SL), equivalent to AS Level. Students taking this course must also complete an Extended Project Qualification (Creative Writing) so that an A-level equivalent is achieved with the IBCP.

University Success

In 2019 96% of Homewood Sixth Form students were accepted by their first or second choice university.

Red Hot Progress

In 2019, homewood’s sixth form was graded “Red Hot” for progress across academic and applied subjects by the ALPs organisation.