A Level

Duration: 2 year, although a one-year AS course can be organised by prior arrangement

Contact: Miss Hancock & Mr Matthews-Crow

Entry Requirements

5 GCSE grades at 4 and above including photography

Course Content

Following the GCSE, you will continue to explore camera settings and ways of manipulating images both digitally and by hand using art/photography materials and processes.

You will research the work of others and show you understand the context in which it was created. You will explain the given starting points and ideas, emphasising your own connections to the subjects and discuss use of media, technique, meaning, ideas and the influence of artists/photographers on your own work, using specialist vocabulary and referencing all images and text from other sources. You will create one coursework project and a practical exam project project. The course will be assessed through completion of a portfolio in A3 journals, supplementary images and final piece/s and a ten hour controlled assignment, taken under exam conditions.

For A2, you will confirm your camera skills and ability to use specialist equipment for studio lighting work and darkroom printing. The emphasis will be on recording, but you will also choose experimental paths relevant to your chosen starting point. You will need to communicate with clarity and demonstrate good subject knowledge by using correct vocabulary when you analyse images and explain your own personal connection to your main focus. The course is assessed through the completion of a Personal Investigation, presented in A3 journals and a Personal Study of 1000-3000 words on a topic related to your area of study. There is also a fifteen hour controlled assignment, in examination conditions to complete final piece/s, following preparation time. This course is one of the newly reformed A Levels. You will be examined at the end of the first year and anyone leaving the course at that point will get an AS Level qualification.

This course would also work well being studied alongside Graphics, Textiles, Ceramics or Fine Art.

University Success

In 2018, 93% of students went to their first or second choice university.

A Level Pass Rate

In 2018, Homewood's Year 13 students achieved 100% pass rate in over 42 A-level and Level 3 courses.