Public Services

Level 3

Duration: 2 Years

Contact: Mrs C Cox

Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs grades at 9 to 4 or equivalent including Public Services or similar subject area; if this is not quite achieved then a conversation will occur to support the application.

Course Content

This BTEC qualification combines sociology, politics and health and fitness with public services. This is a skills-based qualification, which is assessed 100% via coursework. There is a physical element to this subject, focusing on fitness, teamwork and leading other students, but this course is predominantly based around understanding the society we live in through the provision of public services including uniformed public services such as the Armed Forces and the police and non-uniformed services such as healthcare and education. You will find the answers to questions such as: Why do we need a government? How do I lead a team? How can I improve my lifestyle? How can I make my local community a better place to live? How can I have a positive interaction with the Police? What causes/prevents wars, conflict and terrorism?

Year 1:

  • Government, Policies and the Public Services
  • Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services
  • Physical Preparation, Health and Lifestyle for the Public Services.

Year 2:

  • Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services
  • Understand the Impact of War, Conflict and Terrorism on Public Services
  • Police Powers in the Public Services

Future Opportunities

This qualification can be taken with other advanced courses as general preparation for higher study or can assist in the preparation of skills used for employment in many different areas.

University Success

In 2018, 93% of students went to their first or second choice university.

A Level Pass Rate

In 2018, Homewood's Year 13 students achieved 100% pass rate in over 42 A-level and Level 3 courses.