Travel & Tourism

Level 3

Duration: 2 Years

Contact: Mrs C Gaygan

Entry Requirements

5 GCSE or equivalent grades at C or above including a minimum of grade C (or Pass) in Leisure and Tourism or similar subject area. Students must pass each unit with at least a Pass grade to progress.

Course Content

The travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the UK.

This qualification includes three mandatory units covering the following content areas.

  • The travel and tourism industry – the travel and tourism industry in the UK is growing and is of major importance to the economy. Learners will develop the skills needed to examine, interpret and analyse a variety of statistics that measure the importance of tourism to the UK.
  • Different types of destinations and their importance – learners will investigate the features and appeal of global destinations.
  • Customer service – learners will explore and apply ways of managing internal and external customer experience to support organisational success and develop their customer service skills. Learners select one optional unit to support their progression to travel and tourism and other courses in higher education

You will also study one additional unit, TBC.

The course is assessed through a written exam set by Pearson (Edexcel), a written task (set by Edexcel & completed in school) and assignments (Set and marked in school).

Future Opportunities

With further training, you could go into a job such as a tourism officer, travel agent or more general jobs in the travel and tourism sector either in the UK or another country. The course will also help you develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across a range industries are looking for, especially in the travel and tourism industry.

University Success

In 2018, 93% of students went to their first or second choice university.

A Level Pass Rate

In 2018, Homewood's Year 13 students achieved 100% pass rate in over 42 A-level and Level 3 courses.